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**Note:** Before writing into this file, read the guidelines in [Writing Changelog](Documentation/contributing/Writing Changelog
## In Progress:
## v1.15 (2020-11-12)
### Added
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### Changed
- Refactored EikMesh code.
- Refactored psychology-related code and added several test scenarios.
- Refactored TikZ generator code.
- The behavioral heuristics model (BHM) can now be used with a floor field. I.e., BHM agents are able to derive the geodetic distance to their targets instead of using the Euclidean distance.
- The "Time" slider in the PostVis uses the resolution of the "Res." slider instead of using a fixed step size of 0.4 seconds.
- The Model (of the GUI MVC) of the Postvisualization changed to a DataFrame based structure using [Tablesaw]( which is based on [FastUtils](
- `FootStepProcessor` interpolates the pedestrian's foot step to obtain a more precise position.
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