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Updates in contribution guidelines

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Contribution guidelines
To efficiently contribute to this project, you need an LRZ GitLab account.
Please contact us and we will send you an invitation.
The workflow then is the following.
1. **Fork this Git repository**
2. Clone your own fork to your computer
3. Checkout a new branch and work on your new feature or bugfix
4. Push your branch and **send us a merge request**
These steps are explained in more detail at the
[GitHub help pages](
Merge/pull requests are described [on GitLab](
Coding style guide
......@@ -8,6 +24,7 @@ Basic rules:
- No warnings
- No unused imports
- No unecessary `this.` qualifiers
- Use the formatting tool!
- Eclipse: select text (optional) and press <kbd>ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd>f</kbd>
- IntelliJ: select text (optional) and <kbd>ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>alt</kbd> + <kbd>l</kbd>
......@@ -52,3 +69,29 @@ Reasons include:
- Stick to Git standards, e.g. "Merge branch ..." and "Revert ..."
Rules 1, 3, and 4 never hurt and should always be applied.
### Author tag in JavaDoc
If you make important contributions to a Java class, and especially if you feel
responsible for that class, please add yourself as an author to the class-level
* @author First Last
* @author Given Sur
public class Foo {
### Tests required
Especially if you implement new functionality, please also provide JUnit tests.
The test classes should be located in the `tests/` folder but in the same
package as the class under test.
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