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Update, explain git hooks in more details, add 0.2 to the release history

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### Git Hooks
Follow the instructions in [Version Control HowTo](Documentation/version-control/HOWTO.txt).
Since it is important to reproduce simulation results, we have the guidline that each output file has to provide its commit-hash. This commit-hash identifies
the state the software was in when the output file was generated. Therefore, git hooks save the commit-hash in the **current_commit_hash.txt** which
will be created in the [VadereSimulator/resource](vadere/VadereSimulator/resource) directory whenever a commit is made or the developer
switches to another commit. If the file is missing or there is no commit-hash in it, you will be warned in the log.
We strongly suggest that you install these git hooks on your local machine:
1. Copy files [post-checkout](Documentation/version-control/post-checkout), [post-merge](Documentation/version-control/post-merge),
[post-applypatch](Documentation/version-control/post-applypatch) and [post-commit](Documentation/version-control/post-commit)
from [version-control](Documentation/version-control) to your local **.git/hooks/** directory.
These files start the script [git-hook-vadere-software](Documentation/version-control/git-hook-vadere-software).
2. Make sure that [git-hook-vadere-software](Documentation/version-control/git-hook-vadere-software) is executable.
To create this file without changes to the current commit, you can choose *Switch/Checkout...* on the Repository folder or you
switch to another branch and switch back again using the command line or any other tool you prefer.
## Contribution
......@@ -77,7 +90,8 @@ Please see [Contribution guidelines]( The document defines guid
## Release History
0.1 initial release of the software as open source
- 0.1 initial release of the software as open source
- 0.2 stability and usability improved, additional pedestrian simulation models are supported
## Contributors
......@@ -90,7 +104,4 @@ Florian Albrecht, Benjamin Degenhart, Felix Dietrich, Benedikt Kleinmeier, Jakob
## License
This software is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License ([LGPL](LICENSE)).
For more information:
For more information:
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