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In "", extended description in section "IntelliJ IDEA" to avoid...

In "", extended description in section "IntelliJ IDEA" to avoid compilation errors described in #120.

Fix #120 Problems with Annotation processing and code generation in Intelj
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......@@ -77,6 +77,9 @@ Follow the **installation instructions** above i.e. install all required softwar
- select `pom.xml` > *Next* > *Next* > *Next* > *Finish*
- open *VadereGui (gui)* > *src* > *org.vadere.gui.projectview* > `VadereApplication`
- click the *run*-icon next to the `main` method
- edit the run configuration for `VadereApplication` to build the project using Maven instead of IntelliJ's internal builder to avoid compilation errors:
* click *Edit Configurations* (in dropdown menu next to the play/debug button)
* under *Before launch*, add *Run Maven Goal* and use the Maven goal `compile`
Alternatively, run `mvn eclipse:eclipse` using the [Maven Eclipse Plugin]( or `mvn idea:idea` using the [Maven IntelliJ Plugin](
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