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add changelog for merge request !67

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* vadere.jar -> vadere-gui.jar
* postvis.jar -> vadere-postvis.jar
* vadere-console.jar -> remained unchanged
- Header in output file have now the following form "[NAME]-PID[ID]". This avoids name conflicts and makes mapping to the relevant processor easy and fast.
- Migration to Java 11 (OpenJDK).
- Removed directory `Documentation/version-control` which contained the Git hooks. The Git hooks are not required anymore. Instead, added `git rev-parse HEAD` to file `VadereSimulator/pom.xml` to create `VadereSimulator/resources/current_commit_hash.txt` during each build via `mvn compile`.
**Note:** The file `current_commit_hash.txt` is created during Maven's validation phase, i.e., before the actual build.
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