Commit 4892ea13 authored by Benedikt Zoennchen's avatar Benedikt Zoennchen
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fix output processor problem

parent 4207f13d
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ public class ScenarioRun implements Runnable {
public ScenarioRun(final Scenario scenario, RunnableFinishedListener scenarioFinishedListener) {
this.scenario = scenario;
this.scenarioStore = scenario.getScenarioStore();
this.dataProcessingJsonManager = new DataProcessingJsonManager();
this.dataProcessingJsonManager = scenario.getDataProcessingJsonManager();
this.setOutputPaths(Paths.get(IOUtils.OUTPUT_DIR)); // TODO [priority=high] [task=bugfix] [Error?] this is a relative path. If you start the application via eclipse this will be VadereParent/output
this.finishedListener = scenarioFinishedListener;
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