Commit 48ea54f2 authored by Jakob Schöttl's avatar Jakob Schöttl
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Use Agent.getNextTargetId() method

There was a
assert targetIds.size() > 0

That means, this case is not expected, right?
Why is this case handled then in the next lines?

I switched the assert statement against getNextTargetId() which throws
an exception if there is no next target.

Use hasNextTarget() if you have to check this.
parent 0b1f21be
......@@ -54,15 +54,8 @@ public abstract class AbstractPotentialFieldTarget implements IPotentialTargetGr
CellGrid potentialField;
double targetPotential = Double.MAX_VALUE;
int targetId = -1;
assert targetIds.size() > 0;
if (targetIds.size() > 0) {
targetId = targetIds.get(0);
} else {
return 0;
int targetId = ped.getNextTargetId();
// Pedestrian has reached the target
if (topography.getTarget(targetId) != null) {
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