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### Added
- VadereServer:
- Introducing TraCI server implementation for Vadere to allow remote control
of Vaderes simulation loop.
- VadereManager/target/vadere-server.jar will open a TCP socket and waits
for connection request.
- FloorField Caching:
- CellGrid based floorfields can be loaded from a persisted cache file.
- Added attributes:
- `cacheDir: ""` relative path
- Cache files will be saved in a `__cache__` directory beside (sibling) the
scenario file. With `cacheDir` it is possible to create some structure within
the cache directory. Important: If `cacheDir` is an absolute path the cache
file will not be placed in `__cache__`.
- A TXT_CACHE type will save the CellGrid in a human readable form (CSV) and
BIN_CACHE will use a simple binary format for better performance and space
- TikzGenerator:
- add configuration to show all traces of pedestrians, even if they
left the simulation. Config: PostVis -> `Show all Trajectories on Snapshot`
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