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[WIP] further reflection statements were removed

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......@@ -184,8 +184,8 @@ public class ScenarioElementView extends JPanel implements ISelectScenarioElemen
} else if (scenarioElement instanceof Pedestrian) {
} else {
......@@ -31,8 +31,11 @@ public class ReflectionAttributeModifier {
double y = shape.getBounds2D().getCenterY();
((AgentWrapper) element).getAgentInitialStore().setPosition(new VPoint(x, y));
} else {
Attributes attributes =
Attributes attributes = element.getAttributes(); // replaces Relection code from above
//TODO: issue #91 Cannot easily replace the relection in the following code. Some Attributes classes have a
//TODO: setShape(shape) method such as AttributesStairs, but not all, so there is no guarantee...
//TODO: If there is no field "shape", then only the stacktrace is printed...
field = attributes.getClass().getDeclaredField("shape");
field.set(attributes, shape);
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