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Fixed TODO in "PedestrianSpeedInAreaProcessor".

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......@@ -120,15 +120,12 @@ public class PedestrianSpeedInAreaProcessor extends DataProcessor<TimestepPedest
protected void doUpdate(final SimulationState state) {
// TODO: Clarify with Bene if it ensured, that "pedestrianTrajectoryProcessor.doUpdate()"
// is always invoked automatically by underlying processor manager.
AttributesSpeedInAreaProcessor processorAttributes = (AttributesSpeedInAreaProcessor) this.getAttributes();
for (Pedestrian pedestrian : state.getTopography().getElements(Pedestrian.class)) {
double speed = -1;
if (measurementArea.getShape().contains(pedestrian.getPosition())) {
// Use pedestrian's trajectory to calculate the speed.
VTrajectory wholeTrajectory = pedestrianTrajectoryProcessor.getValue(new PedestrianIdKey(pedestrian.getId()));
VTrajectory cuttedTrajectory = wholeTrajectory.cut(measurementArea.asVRectangle());
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