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In "OSMBehaviorController", added workaround and TODO comment in "wait()"...

In "OSMBehaviorController", added workaround and TODO comment in "wait()" method to avoid failing CI pipeline
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......@@ -115,12 +115,27 @@ public class OSMBehaviorController {
public void wait(PedestrianOSM pedestrian, Topography topography, double timeStepInSec) {
// Force a "FootStep" so that output processor can log psychology status even if pedestrian did not change position.
// TODO: Maybe, "getDurationNextStep()" must be adapted to avoid that
// start time of this step <= end time previous step
makeStep(pedestrian, topography, timeStepInSec);
// Satisfy event-driven and sequential update scheme.
pedestrian.setTimeOfNextStep(pedestrian.getTimeOfNextStep() + timeStepInSec);
double stepStartTime = pedestrian.getTimeOfNextStep();
double stepEndTime = stepStartTime + timeStepInSec;
/* TODO: Discuss with Bene how to create a "correct footstep to avoid an interpolation exception
and to get the psychology status logged.
System.out.println(String.format("Ped[%d]: startTime[%.2f], endTime[%.2f], time[%.2f]", pedestrian.getId(), stepStartTime, stepEndTime, pedestrian.getMostImportantStimulus().getTime()));
assert stepEndTime >= stepStartTime && stepEndTime >= 0.0 && stepStartTime >= 0.0 : stepEndTime + "<" + stepStartTime;
VPoint currentPosition = pedestrian.getPosition();
VPoint nextPosition = currentPosition;
pedestrian.getStrides().add(Pair.of(currentPosition.distance(nextPosition), stepStartTime));
// Force a "FootStep" so that output processor is able to write out current "PsychologyStatus".
FootStep currentFootstep = new FootStep(currentPosition, nextPosition, stepStartTime, stepEndTime);
public void changeToTargetRepulsionStrategyAndIncreaseSpeed(PedestrianOSM pedestrian, Topography topography) {
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