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correct a mistake introducde yesterday.

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......@@ -1376,7 +1376,7 @@ public interface IMesh<V extends IVertex, E extends IHalfEdge, F extends IFace>
V v1 = getVertex(e1);
V v2 = getVertex(e2);
V v3 = getVertex(e3);
return GeometryUtils.getTriangleMidpoint(getX(v1), getX(v1), getX(v2), getY(v2), getX(v3), getY(v3));
return GeometryUtils.getTriangleMidpoint(getX(v1), getY(v1), getX(v2), getY(v2), getX(v3), getY(v3));
......@@ -3015,8 +3015,8 @@ public interface ITriConnectivity<V extends IVertex, E extends IHalfEdge, F exte
if(!getMesh().isBoundary(face)) {
E e1 = getMesh().getEdge(face);
V v1 = getMesh().getVertex(e1);
V v2 = getMesh().getTwinVertex(e1);
V v3 = getMesh().getVertex(getMesh().getNext(e1));
V v3 = getMesh().getTwinVertex(e1);
V v2 = getMesh().getVertex(getMesh().getNext(e1));
double x1 = getMesh().getX(v1);
double y1 = getMesh().getY(v1);
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