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The java_migration branch has used the following steps to compile and run vadere with JDK-11 on Windows 10:
0. Ensure that JDK-11 and Git is set in the environment variables
1. Adjust the IDE (IntelliJ)
1.1 Select File -> Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Compiler -> Java Compiler
1.1.1 Select 11 for "Project bytecode version"
1.1.2 Select 1.11 in "Per-module bytecode version" for each module
1.2 Select File -> Project Structure -> Project Settings -> Modules
1.2.1 Select "11 ..." for "Language level" for each module
2. Adjust pom.xml
2.1 search for <properties>
2.1.1 Change <maven-compiler.[source|target].version> to 1.11
2.2 Insert:
3. Compile
3.1 Run "mvn -e clean test-compile compile" (-e for error stack trace)
3.* possibly required updates: "mvn versions:display-dependency-updates" and "mvn versions:display-plugin-updates"
4. Create local runtime
4.1 Run "jdeps --list-deps VadereGui/target/vadere.jar"
4.2 Run "jlink --no-header-files --no-man-pages --compress=2 --strip-debug --add-modules java.base,java.compiler,java.datatransfer,java.desktop,java.logging,,java.naming,java.prefs,java.rmi,java.scripting,java.sql,java.xml --output java-runtime"
// The main output of jdeps is used as the parameter for jlink --add-modules.
4.3 Run "java-runtime/bin/java -jar VadereGui/target/vadere.jar"
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