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Commit 84206e99 authored by Jakob Schöttl's avatar Jakob Schöttl
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Change DefaultSealable impl and add comments

parent 2925602b
......@@ -2,15 +2,32 @@ package org.vadere.state.attributes;
import org.apache.commons.attributes.Sealable;
* Our implementation of {@link Sealable}.
* The {@code sealed} flag shall not be serialized.
* @author Jakob Schöttl
public class DefaultSealable implements Sealable {
/** Should not be serialized. */
private transient boolean sealed;
* Apache Commons' DefaultSealable throws an exception if the object is already sealed.
public void seal() {
if (sealed)
throw new IllegalStateException("Object is already sealed.");
// Attributes currently are sealed right before the simulation starts.
// Throwing an exception when they are already sealed makes a second simulation fail.
// Solutions (other than not throwing a exception) are:
// - Seal as soon as the objects are loaded from JSON.
// - Copy all attributes before starting a simulation.
// This does not make sense, since the attributes are read-only anyway.
// if (sealed)
// throw new IllegalStateException("Object is already sealed.");
sealed = true;
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