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Commit 95beb249 authored by Benedikt Kleinmeier's avatar Benedikt Kleinmeier
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Refactored "CooperativeCognitionModel.update()" to make it more readable

parent 6786f2c0
......@@ -28,22 +28,26 @@ public class CooperativeCognitionModel implements ICognitionModel {
public void update(Collection<Pedestrian> pedestrians) {
for (Pedestrian pedestrian : pedestrians) {
// TODO: Maybe, add following variables as attributes to new class "AttributesCognition".
int requiredFootSteps = 2;
double requiredSpeedInMetersPerSecondToBeCooperative = 0.05;
FootstepHistory footstepHistory = pedestrian.getFootstepHistory();
// Adapt category only if we have seen some footsteps in the past
if (footstepHistory.size() >= requiredFootSteps) {
if (footstepHistory.getAverageSpeedInMeterPerSecond() <= requiredSpeedInMetersPerSecondToBeCooperative) {
if (pedestrianCannotMove(pedestrian)) {
} else {
// TODO: Maybe, check if area directed to target is free for a step
// (only then change to "TARGET_ORIENTED").
// Maybe, check if area directed to target is free for a step (only then change to "TARGET_ORIENTED").
private boolean pedestrianCannotMove(Pedestrian pedestrian) {
boolean cannotMove = false;
FootstepHistory footstepHistory = pedestrian.getFootstepHistory();
int requiredFootSteps = 2;
if (footstepHistory.size() >= requiredFootSteps
&& footstepHistory.getAverageSpeedInMeterPerSecond() <= 0.05) {
cannotMove = true;
return cannotMove;
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