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## Repository Structure
The repository contains following `folders`:
The repository contains following `files` and `folders`:
- The Vadere source code: divided into the sofware modules `VadereGui`, `VadereMeshing`, `VaderSimulator`, `VadereState`, `VadereUtils`
- `VadereModelTests`: pre-shipped tests for different locomotion models (e.g., gradient navigation model, optimal steps model, social force model)
......@@ -48,7 +48,9 @@ Please contact us and we will send you an invitation.
Please, use the [issue tracker]( for both
- to request a feature or to report a bug (see [how to write new issues](
- to work on a feature (see [how to work on an issue]())
- to work on a feature (see [how to work on an issue](
**Tip:** Sort the issues in the [issue tracker]( by `Label priority`.
### Steps for External Contributors
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