Commit b65e05f8 authored by Benedikt Kleinmeier's avatar Benedikt Kleinmeier

In "OSMBehaviorController.swapPedestrians()", improved bug fix to avoid...

In "OSMBehaviorController.swapPedestrians()", improved bug fix to avoid "AssertionError" in "VTrajectory".

We have to do a code review here with Bene if event-driven update scheme is used properly.
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......@@ -254,6 +254,7 @@ public class OSMBehaviorController {
// TODO Clarify with Bene if "stepDuration" should also be set
// and if "pedestrian2.timeOfNextStep()" should be also called.
pedestrian1.setTimeOfNextStep(pedestrian1.getTimeOfNextStep() + pedestrian1.getDurationNextStep());
pedestrian2.setTimeOfNextStep(pedestrian2.getTimeOfNextStep() + pedestrian2.getDurationNextStep());
// TODO Remove debug method.
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