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- Added new scenario element `TargetChanger`. This scenario element has an arbitrary shape and changes the target of an agent. Either to another static target or to another agent (to get a follower behavior). A `TargetChanger` has two important parameters:
* `changeTargetProbability`: This defines how many percent of the agents, who enter the area, should change their target.
* `nextTargetIsPedestrian`: If `nextTargetIsPedestrian == false`, assign a new static target. Otherwise, randomly choose a pedestrian (with given target id) to follow.
- Add Scenario Hash to info panel below of the TopographyCreator and Post-Visualisation View:
* will show if changes to the scenario will change the floorfield
* Hover over hash to see full value
* Left-Click to copy full hash to clipboard.
- TraCI commands:
* getHash: return Scenario hash for given scenario
* CompoundObject implementation to allow complex get/set commands (i.e. create pedestrian hat
random location during simulation run)
- osm2vadere converter:
* it is possible to specify a way with the tag `area-of-intrest` (AOI). If this is present and the
corresponding command line argument is given, only elements within the bounding box of the
AOI will be converted.
- Add INET environment export:
* create an INET environment xml file based on the current topography. For now only prism shapes
are possible with a fixed height of 5m.
### Changed
......@@ -19,6 +34,20 @@ Was previously known as `PedestrianFootStepProcessor`
* Mouse Wheel Scroll: Scroll vertically.
* Shift + Mouse Wheel Scroll: Scroll horizontally.
* Use Alt key to decrease the step size while scrolling.
- CachePath lookup:
The new cache lookup now allows a 'global' lookup. Previously all cache files are saved in
a `__cache__` folder relative (as sibling) to the currently running scenario file. This works
good for local testing and runs. However, if one scenario is duplicated and integrated in other
projects the same cache would be created at multiple locations. The current solution would be
to enter an absolute path as the `cacheDir` but this will break interoperatbility between
windows and linux as well as sharing scenario files with other users. CacheDir Lookup order:
1. `cacheDir` is an absolute path: Use it; and log the path to console.
2. `cacheDir` is relative and `Vadere.cache.useGlobalCacheBaseDir=false` (default):
save cache in a `__cache__` folder relative (as sibling) to the currently running scenario file
3. `cacheDir` is relative and `Vadere.cache.useGlobalCacheBaseDir=true`:
Lookup `Vadere.cache.flobalCacheBaseDir` and use this as the base path for the relative
`cacheDir` path. `Vadere.cache.flobalCacheBaseDir` defaults to `${user.home}\.cache\vadere`
# v1.4 (2019-09-05)
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