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Commit c6997cb8 authored by Daniel Lehmberg's avatar Daniel Lehmberg
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some comments and minor code changes

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......@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ import org.vadere.simulator.projects.dataprocessing.ProcessorManager;
import org.vadere.simulator.projects.dataprocessing.datakey.TimestepKey;
import org.vadere.state.attributes.processor.AttributesAreaProcessor;
import org.vadere.state.scenario.MeasurementArea;
import org.vadere.util.geometry.shapes.VRectangle;
* @author Mario Teixeira Parente
......@@ -5,7 +5,6 @@ import org.vadere.simulator.projects.dataprocessing.datakey.TimestepKey;
import org.vadere.state.attributes.processor.AttributesAreaDensityCountingProcessor;
import org.vadere.state.attributes.processor.AttributesProcessor;
import org.vadere.state.scenario.Pedestrian;
import java.util.Collection;
import org.vadere.annotation.factories.dataprocessors.DataProcessorClass;
......@@ -13,9 +12,14 @@ import org.vadere.annotation.factories.dataprocessors.DataProcessorClass;
* @author Daniel Lehmberg
* Processor counts number of pedestrians in a measurement area of any shape.
* To avoid unneccessary complicated structures this class does *not* extend from @AreaDensityProcessor (which requires
* an intern class or a separate class implementing the density algorithm). However, AreaDensityProcessor is a better
* description of what the processor does.
* See e.g. AreaDensityVoronoiProcessor / AreaDensityVoronoiAlgorithm
@DataProcessorClass(label = "AreaDensityCountingProcessor")
public class AreaDensityCountingProcessor extends AreaDataProcessor<Integer> {
public class AreaDensityCountingProcessor extends AreaDataProcessor<Integer> {
public AreaDensityCountingProcessor() {
......@@ -24,18 +28,23 @@ public class AreaDensityCountingProcessor extends AreaDataProcessor<Integer> {
protected void doUpdate(final SimulationState state) {
int step = state.getStep();
// Compute density by counting the pedestrians
// With the area of the shape the density can be normalized to [ped/m^2] "pedCount/area"
int pedCount = 0;
// Here could also be another processor. However, because a processor uses more memory, all pedestrians
// are collected from the state directly.
Collection<Pedestrian> pedestrians = state.getTopography().getPedestrianDynamicElements().getElements();
// Alternatively, this could be implemented with "Streams"
for (Pedestrian p : pedestrians) {
this.putValue(new TimestepKey(step), pedCount);
this.putValue(new TimestepKey(state.getStep()), pedCount);
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