Commit c8c114a9 authored by Maxim Dudin's avatar Maxim Dudin
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#307 changed the message to Show Contacts for show contacts button

parent 362e4036
......@@ -311,6 +311,7 @@ SettingsDialog.chbLogo.text=Show the Vadere logo
ProjectView.btnShowWalkingDirection.tooltip=Show the walking direction of all pedestrians
ProjectView.btnShowGroupInformation.tooltip=Draw pedestrians within one group with same shape and color
ProjectView.btnShowPedestrian.tooltip=Show Pedestrians
ProjectView.btnShowContacts.tooltip=Show Contacts
ProjectView.btnShowPotentialfield.tooltip=Show Potential Field (only possible after adding potential field file)
ProjectView.btnShowTrajectories.tooltip=Show Trajectories
ProjectView.btnShowGrid.tooltip=Show Grid
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