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add CHANGELOG for log4j update

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### Added
- Create a Facade for the logging in vadere. This will remove 3rd party
dependencies in source most files. Only a small set of facade classes
will have the dependency.
- Assertion output to StdErr is collected by a dedicated logger see `StdOutErrLog.java`.
Each entrypoint must call `StdOutErrLog.addStdOutErrToLog()` to activate this
- Logging API did *not* change. Each log level has an additional String formater
method like `log.errorf("Erron in %s with value of x: %d","ClassA", 42)`
- issues closed: [issue#163](https://gitlab.lrz.de/vadere/vadere/issues/163)
- Added script "osm2vadere.py" to "Tools" folder, to convert OpenStreetMap maps to a Vadere topography. (929d4775: Tools).
- `VadereConsole`: Add option `--logname <filename>` to specify the name for the log file.
Please note that the log file `log.out` is always written (because this file is configured
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