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### Added
- Configured 1-click-deployment in ".gitlab-ci.yml".
* The build pipeline consists of three stages: unit_test, integration_test and deploy.
* These stages run sequentially. The build pipeline is stopped if one stage fails.
* The jobs in "integration_test" and "deploy" are marked as "manual". I.e., these jobs
must be triggered via the play button in the GitLab web interface:
* The jobs in the "integration_test" stage run manual because of a bug in GitLab which
does not allow to run manual jobs (e.g., from deploy stage) when the pipeline fails.
In Vadere, this situation arises because of our seed test. Link to issue on GitLab website:
* The link to the deployed items can be found in the GitLab web interface:
- Create a Facade for the logging in vadere. This will remove 3rd party
dependencies in source most files. Only a small set of facade classes
will have the dependency.
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