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Commit dc52c049 authored by Jakob Schöttl's avatar Jakob Schöttl
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Fix class, add comments, rename variables, remove unused code

parent e45b26cf
......@@ -21,54 +21,48 @@ import org.vadere.util.geometry.shapes.VShape;
public final class AgentWrapper extends ScenarioElement {
/** we only need the radius from the attributes. */
private final AttributesAgent attributes;
/** the wrapped store object. */
private Agent store;
private Agent agent;
AgentWrapper(final VPoint position) {
this.attributes = new AttributesAgent(); = new Pedestrian(this.attributes, new Random()); // use a Pedestrian as default; LinkedList<Integer>());
// use a Pedestrian as default
// TODO this default does not make much sense
this.agent = new Pedestrian(new AttributesAgent(), new Random());
this.agent.setTargets(new LinkedList<Integer>());
public AgentWrapper(final Agent store) {
this.attributes = store.getAttributes(); = store.clone();
private AgentWrapper(final AgentWrapper wrapper) {
this.attributes = wrapper.attributes; =;
public AgentWrapper(final Agent agent) {
this.agent = (Agent) agent.clone();
public Agent getAgentInitialStore() {
return store;
return agent;
public void setAgentInitialStore(final Agent store) { = store;
this.agent = store;
public VShape getShape() {
return store.getShape();
return agent.getShape();
public int getId() {
return attributes.getId();
return agent.getId();
public ScenarioElementType getType() {
// TODO bug - this is a agent wrapper, not necessarily an pedestrian wrapper
return ScenarioElementType.PEDESTRIAN;
public Attributes getAttributes() {
return attributes;
return agent.getAttributes();
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