Commit dd8a79f5 authored by Daniel Lehmberg's avatar Daniel Lehmberg
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bugfix, when FootStep is outdated, e.g. due to a waiting event

parent 97c7f970
......@@ -118,10 +118,16 @@ public class Pedestrian extends Agent {
public VPoint getInterpolatedFootStepPosition(double time){
if(currentFootStep == null){
return getPosition();
if(time > currentFootStep.getEndTime()){
// This happens for example if a pedestrian is waiting (see Events)
// TODO: check with Bene K. if this is okay, or a better way?
return currentFootStep.getEnd();
return FootStep.interpolateFootStep(currentFootStep, time);
// Setter
public void setIdAsTarget(int id) { this.idAsTarget = id; }
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