Commit e2677bf3 authored by Stefan Schuhbaeck's avatar Stefan Schuhbaeck
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fix typo and simplify cache path

parent cb6555eb
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ public class VadereConfig {
defaultConfig.put("Testing.stepCircleOptimization.compareBruteForceSolution", "false");
defaultConfig.put("TopographyCreator.dotRadius", "0.5");
defaultConfig.put("Vadere.cache.useGlobalCacheBaseDir", "false");
defaultConfig.put("Vadere.cache.flobalCacheBaseDir", defaultSearchDirectory + "/.cache/vadere-cache");
defaultConfig.put("Vadere.cache.globalCacheBaseDir", defaultSearchDirectory + "/.cache/vadere");
return defaultConfig;
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