Commit e75fb6ee authored by Jakob Schöttl's avatar Jakob Schöttl
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Remove target exist check

If there is a targetId, there must be a target. Otherwise

- someone have removed the target dynamically and forgot to remove the
  targot from the pedestrian's target list (which is a bug)

- or there is another bug that must be fixed
parent 48ea54f2
......@@ -58,11 +58,9 @@ public abstract class AbstractPotentialFieldTarget implements IPotentialTargetGr
int targetId = ped.getNextTargetId();
// Pedestrian has reached the target
if (topography.getTarget(targetId) != null) {
if (topography.getTarget(targetId).getShape().contains(pos)) {
return 0; // the arrival time is zero
// Pedestrain inside an obstacle
for (ScenarioElement b : topography.getObstacles()) {
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