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## Added
- Two new outputprocessors - mainly for the BHM - to evaluaet queueWidth
(QueueWidthProcessor) and behavior (PedestrianBehaviorProcessor)
- New outputprocessors
* mainly for the BHM: QueueWidthProcessor (to evaluate queueWidth) and PedestrianBehaviorProcessor (evaluate behavior: step / tangential step / sideways step / wait)
* solely for the OSM: PedestrianFootStepProcessor (logs every step instead of the positions at each time step )
- In package `org.vadere.simulator.utils`, added `TopographyChecker` to show
user if the current topography contains problems. The `TopographyChecker`
- `TopographyChecker`: In package org.vadere.simulator.utils, added TopographyChecker to show
user if the current topography contains problems. The TopographyChecker
will check for overlapping `ScenarioElements` and check for inconsistence
settings such as missing TargetIDs for sources or inconsistenct speed ranges
for pedestrians. See this
......@@ -16,7 +17,7 @@
supported warnings and erros as well as this
[picture](Documentation/changelLogImages/TopographyChecker.png) to see which
kind of overlap produces erros or warnings.
- Add `--output-dir [on, off]` (default: `on`) switch to `scenario-run`
- `VadereConsole`: Add `--output-dir [on, off]` (default: `on`) switch to `scenario-run`
sub-command. This will will turn the ScenarioChecker on or off for the command
line. If the Checker detects an error the simulation will not be executed.
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