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Commit e9f110be authored by Benedikt Kleinmeier's avatar Benedikt Kleinmeier
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In "", deleted unused event handling code.

parent 7288e987
......@@ -287,34 +287,11 @@ public class OptimalStepsModel implements MainModel, PotentialFieldModel, Dynami
public void update(final double simTimeInSec) {
// TODO: handle each pedestrian individually based on its "mostImportantEvent".
double timeStepInSec = simTimeInSec - this.lastSimTimeInSec;
updateSchemeOSM.update(timeStepInSec, simTimeInSec);
lastSimTimeInSec = simTimeInSec;
private void handleElapsedTimeEvent(final Event event) {
if (!(event instanceof ElapsedTimeEvent)) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Wrong event type passed, expected: " + ElapsedTimeEvent.class.getName());
private void handleWaitEvent(final Event event) {
if (!(event instanceof WaitEvent)) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException(String.format("Wrong event type passed, expected: %s", WaitEvent.class.getName()));
Collection<PedestrianOSM> pedestrians = topography.getElements(PedestrianOSM.class);
for (PedestrianOSM pedestrian : pedestrians) {
pedestrian.setTimeOfNextStep(pedestrian.getTimeOfNextStep() + pedestrian.getDurationNextStep());
this.lastSimTimeInSec = event.getTime();
* At the moment all pedestrians also the initalPedestrians get this.attributesPedestrain!!!
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