Commit ec1bfe94 authored by Benedikt Kleinmeier's avatar Benedikt Kleinmeier

In "OSMBehaviorController", added TODO to avoid "AssertionError" in "VTrajectory.add()".

parent 7e1125ae
......@@ -239,6 +239,11 @@ public class OSMBehaviorController {
private void swapPedestrians(PedestrianOSM pedestrian1, PedestrianOSM pedestrian2, Topography topography) {
// TODO Revise code to avoid AssertionError in
// at org.vadere.state.simulation.VTrajectory.add(
// at org.vadere.simulator.models.osm.OSMBehaviorController.makeStep(
// at org.vadere.simulator.models.osm.OSMBehaviorController.swapPedestrians(
// This error arises because one agent makes two steps within one update step and step duration or something else is wrong.
VPoint newPosition = pedestrian2.getPosition().clone();
VPoint oldPosition = pedestrian1.getPosition().clone();
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