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......@@ -26,8 +26,11 @@ The Vadere framework includes a mesh generator for unstructured high-quality 2D
### Download Releases
* Windows: [Latest build](http://www.vadere.org/builds/master/vadere.master.windows.zip)
* Linux: [Latest build](http://www.vadere.org/builds/master/vadere.master.linux.zip)
Latest build of master:
* [Windows](http://www.vadere.org/builds/master/vadere.master.windows.zip)
* [Linux](http://www.vadere.org/builds/master/vadere.master.linux.zip)
Stable releases and selected branch-builds are located on [www.vadere.org/releases/](http://www.vadere.org/releases/)
The ZIP file contains:
* **README.md** - this README file.
......@@ -35,7 +38,7 @@ The ZIP file contains:
* **vadere_console.jar** - provides the command line version of Vadere and allows easy integration into other applications.
* **VadereModelTests** - contains test scenarios for pedestrian locomotion models. Note: The tests are also useful for a "getting started" (see below "Run Built-In Examples" for details).
To execute the `.jar` files it is highly recommended to use Java 8.
To execute the `.jar` files it is highly recommended to use Oracle Java 8.
### Build from Source
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