1. 13 Jan, 2020 5 commits
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      Merge branch 'checker_on_off' into 'master' · 298f7729
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      checkbox to deactivate ScenarioChecker in GUI.
      See merge request !107
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      checkbox to deactivate ScenarioChecker in GUI. · f010a5cc
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      Before save actions and simulation run actions the
      ScenarioChecker is still executed *once* to inform the
      user of any errors. (deault = ScenarioChecker Off)
      The checkbox setting is saved in the vadere config.
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      Merge branch 'test_client_stsc' into 'master' · 5dd1d018
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      Python Based TraCI Client for Vadere
      See merge request !106
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      python based TraCI client for vadere. · 34729e0f
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      main author hm-schuegra
      [misc] apply styleguide to VadereManager module
      [misc] autopep vadere-lauchner.py
      [pythontraciwrapper] Added second start method to Py4jClient
      [pythontraciwrapper] Adding PythonTraCIWrapper to tools with git subtree
      [pythontraciwrapper] Extending pythontraciwrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] Implemented _polygonapi_wrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] Implemented a basic py4j client
      [pythontraciwrapper] Implemented pytraci controll commands
      [pythontraciwrapper] Improving py4j client
      [pythontraciwrapper] Move Py4jClient to pythontraciwrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] Removing PythonTraCIWrapper from tools
      [pythontraciwrapper] Skeleton py4j TraCI Wrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] apply code formatting
      [pythontraciwrapper] set version to 0.2
      [pythontraciwrapper] use list in subprocess instead of string. fix for
      [TraCI] Adapt new createNew such that it uses the type of the peds in
      the simulation when reading the minimal attributes from JSON
      [TraCI] Add new start method to client to access sendFileFromPath via
      the Py4j wrapper
      [TraCI] Add processors to scenario
      [TraCI] Added scenarios for ReinforcementLearning
      [TraCI] Allow multiple py4j clients to interact with vadere via traci,
      each client having its own manager
      [TraCI] Annotated some methods of polygonapi
      [TraCI] Automated start of manager and entrypoint in Py4jClient just for
      [TraCI] Extending personapi on python side
      [TraCI] Find explanation for redundant command identifier byte in
      [TraCI] Fix bug in createTargetChanger builder
      [TraCI] Fix bug in poly.getIDList
      [TraCI] Fix getVersion bug
      [TraCI] Fix tests
      [TraCI] Implement more tests
      [TraCI] Implement pers.getMaximumSpeed
      [TraCI] Implement pers.getVelocity
      [TraCI] Implement poly.getTopographyBounds # Conflicts: #
      [TraCI] Implement some tests for setters, extend tests for getters by
      one check
      [TraCI] Implemented createWaitingArea for traci, Example command from
      TestClient sim.createWaitingArea 6 0.0 3.0 1 0.5 10.0 6.0 3.0 8.0 3.0
      8.0 0.5 6.0 0.5
      [TraCI] Implemented getSimTime for python wrapper
      [TraCI] Implemented getter and setter for nextTargetListIndex to make a
      workaround Issue #285 of possible
      [TraCI] Implemented getter for hasNextTarget
      [TraCI] Implemented poly.getCentroid, implemented poly.getDistance with
      a workaround
      [TraCI] Implemented py4j-wrapper for getter and setter of
      [TraCI] Implemented setStimulusInfo, removed add/remove WaitingArea
      [TraCI] Implemented some methods of traci polygonapi
      [TraCI] Implemented some tests
      [TraCI] Integrated VadereAPI
      [TraCI] Kill entrypoint process when python program terminates with
      [TraCI] Made py4j_client take either the parsed args or the raw args
      from the command line from the instantiator.
      [TraCI] Make createTargetChanger take json
      [TraCI] Make sendFile more flexible
      [TraCI] Make sendFileFromPath public to make API more flexible
      [TraCI] Make test for process_getCacheHash platform independent
      [TraCI] Move argParsing to py4j_client in the pythontraciwrapper
      [TraCI] Parameterised port of TraCIEntryPoint
      [TraCI] Refactor tests, implement new tests
      [TraCI] Refactored poly.getDistance
      [TraCI] Refactoring
      [TraCI] Refactoring & fixing a bug in client-side of removeTargetChanger
      and removeWaitingArea
      [TraCI] Refactoring VadereApi
      [TraCI] Removed hard-coded path and port number, inserted a check into
      test of process_getCacheHash
      [TraCI] Removed hard-coded paths from TraCIEntryPoint
      [TraCI] Resolving some problems in the python interface
      [TraCI] Test process_getCacheHash
      [TraCI] WIP reimplementing Polygon Api
      [TraCI] Workaround for ctr.getVersion bug
      [TraCI] Working on traci controll commands for python client
      [TraCI] add generic Json compound object
      [TraCI] create and add TargetChangerController process_addTargetChanger
      [TraCI] wrote test for getAllStimulusInfos
      [ReinforcementLearning] Adding scenarios with small crowd
      [ReinforcementLearning] Increase number of targets.
      [ReinforcementLearning]Add scenario as demo and test case for
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      Bugfix in "ProjectView": Simulation summary dialog was show even if... · c3a171ed
      Benedikt Kleinmeier authored
      Bugfix in "ProjectView": Simulation summary dialog was show even if corresponding checkbox was deactivated
      This bug arose because
      1. "VadereConfig" did not contain the key "Project.simulationResult.show".
      2. But, "ProjectView" (GUI) and "ProjectViewModel" (the underlying model)
         retrieved "Project.simulationResult.show" from config (which was not present)
         but both classes used different default values.
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      In "AdjustPanel" of PostVis: The "time" spinner uses the time resolution of... · 72ca89da
      Benedikt Kleinmeier authored
      In "AdjustPanel" of PostVis: The "time" spinner uses the time resolution of the "time resolution" spinner now
      Also renamed the (slightly) bulky term "simTimeStepLength" to simple "timeResolution".
      This affects mostly these files:
      - VadereGui/.../messages.properties
      - VadereGui/.../PostvisualizationConfig.java
      - VadereGui/.../PostvisualizationModel.java
      - VadereUtils/.../VadereConfig.java
        Here, I renamed the key "PostVis.visTimeStepLength" to "PostVis.timeResolution"
        and use our default simulation step length (of 0.4 seconds) as default value
        instead of 0.1 seconds.
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