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      Implemented "ThreatCognitionModel" partially and refactored "UpdateSchemeEventDriven" · b226ca8e
      Benedikt Kleinmeier authored
      Also renamed:
      - Class "TargetDistractionStrategy" to "TargetRepulsionStrategy"
      - Renamed "reactToBang()" to "maximizeDistanceToThreatAndIncreaseSpeed()"
        and use "pedestrian.getPerceivedThreat()" instead of "pedestrian.getMostImportantStimulus()".
      - Use "pedestrian.getSelfCategory()" instead of "pedestrian.getMostImportantStimulus()"
        to derive specific behavior in "update()" method.
      - Added member variable "perceivedThreat".
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      python based TraCI client for vadere. · 34729e0f
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      main author hm-schuegra
      [misc] apply styleguide to VadereManager module
      [misc] autopep vadere-lauchner.py
      [pythontraciwrapper] Added second start method to Py4jClient
      [pythontraciwrapper] Adding PythonTraCIWrapper to tools with git subtree
      [pythontraciwrapper] Extending pythontraciwrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] Implemented _polygonapi_wrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] Implemented a basic py4j client
      [pythontraciwrapper] Implemented pytraci controll commands
      [pythontraciwrapper] Improving py4j client
      [pythontraciwrapper] Move Py4jClient to pythontraciwrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] Removing PythonTraCIWrapper from tools
      [pythontraciwrapper] Skeleton py4j TraCI Wrapper
      [pythontraciwrapper] apply code formatting
      [pythontraciwrapper] set version to 0.2
      [pythontraciwrapper] use list in subprocess instead of string. fix for
      [TraCI] Adapt new createNew such that it uses the type of the peds in
      the simulation when reading the minimal attributes from JSON
      [TraCI] Add new start method to client to access sendFileFromPath via
      the Py4j wrapper
      [TraCI] Add processors to scenario
      [TraCI] Added scenarios for ReinforcementLearning
      [TraCI] Allow multiple py4j clients to interact with vadere via traci,
      each client having its own manager
      [TraCI] Annotated some methods of polygonapi
      [TraCI] Automated start of manager and entrypoint in Py4jClient just for
      [TraCI] Extending personapi on python side
      [TraCI] Find explanation for redundant command identifier byte in
      [TraCI] Fix bug in createTargetChanger builder
      [TraCI] Fix bug in poly.getIDList
      [TraCI] Fix getVersion bug
      [TraCI] Fix tests
      [TraCI] Implement more tests
      [TraCI] Implement pers.getMaximumSpeed
      [TraCI] Implement pers.getVelocity
      [TraCI] Implement poly.getTopographyBounds # Conflicts: #
      [TraCI] Implement some tests for setters, extend tests for getters by
      one check
      [TraCI] Implemented createWaitingArea for traci, Example command from
      TestClient sim.createWaitingArea 6 0.0 3.0 1 0.5 10.0 6.0 3.0 8.0 3.0
      8.0 0.5 6.0 0.5
      [TraCI] Implemented getSimTime for python wrapper
      [TraCI] Implemented getter and setter for nextTargetListIndex to make a
      workaround Issue #285 of possible
      [TraCI] Implemented getter for hasNextTarget
      [TraCI] Implemented poly.getCentroid, implemented poly.getDistance with
      a workaround
      [TraCI] Implemented py4j-wrapper for getter and setter of
      [TraCI] Implemented setStimulusInfo, removed add/remove WaitingArea
      [TraCI] Implemented some methods of traci polygonapi
      [TraCI] Implemented some tests
      [TraCI] Integrated VadereAPI
      [TraCI] Kill entrypoint process when python program terminates with
      [TraCI] Made py4j_client take either the parsed args or the raw args
      from the command line from the instantiator.
      [TraCI] Make createTargetChanger take json
      [TraCI] Make sendFile more flexible
      [TraCI] Make sendFileFromPath public to make API more flexible
      [TraCI] Make test for process_getCacheHash platform independent
      [TraCI] Move argParsing to py4j_client in the pythontraciwrapper
      [TraCI] Parameterised port of TraCIEntryPoint
      [TraCI] Refactor tests, implement new tests
      [TraCI] Refactored poly.getDistance
      [TraCI] Refactoring
      [TraCI] Refactoring & fixing a bug in client-side of removeTargetChanger
      and removeWaitingArea
      [TraCI] Refactoring VadereApi
      [TraCI] Removed hard-coded path and port number, inserted a check into
      test of process_getCacheHash
      [TraCI] Removed hard-coded paths from TraCIEntryPoint
      [TraCI] Resolving some problems in the python interface
      [TraCI] Test process_getCacheHash
      [TraCI] WIP reimplementing Polygon Api
      [TraCI] Workaround for ctr.getVersion bug
      [TraCI] Working on traci controll commands for python client
      [TraCI] add generic Json compound object
      [TraCI] create and add TargetChangerController process_addTargetChanger
      [TraCI] wrote test for getAllStimulusInfos
      [ReinforcementLearning] Adding scenarios with small crowd
      [ReinforcementLearning] Increase number of targets.
      [ReinforcementLearning]Add scenario as demo and test case for
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