1. 02 Aug, 2018 3 commits
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      increase scenario file version to v0.3 · 76b46929
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      * move groupSizeDistribution from AttributesCGM to AttributesSources
      * rename standardDerivation to standardDeviation in AttributesTimeCost
      * update all existing scenario files to version v0.3
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      add sub command support to VadereConsole · 949e9d45
      Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
      The VadereConsole command line tool is know able to migrate old
      scenario files to a new version. All old capabilities were moved
      to the subcommands project-run and suq. See usage below
      usage: Vadere [-h] COMMAND ...
      Runs the VADERE pedestrian simulator.
      optional arguments:
        -h, --help             show this help message and exit
        valid subcommands
          project-run          This command uses a Vadere Project and runs selected scenario.
          suq                  Run a single scenario file to specify to  fully controll folder structure for input and output.
          migrate              Run migration assistant on single sceanrio file
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