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add python script for seed test to gitlab pipeline

4 jobs for 151_diff_origin in 2 minutes and 53 seconds (queued for 1 second)
Status Name Job ID Coverage
passed unit_tests_with_coverage #385583


failed unit_tests_with_coverage #385576


failed run_origin_test #385577


failed run_seed_test #385578


Name Stage Failure
run_seed_test Deploy
StdOut: Requirement already satisfied: VadereAnalysisTool==0.0.4 from file:///home/gitlab-runner/builds/405ed7a3/0/vadere/vadere/Tools/VadereAnalysisTool/dist/VadereAnalysisTool-0.0.4-py3-none-any.whl in /home/gitlab-runner/builds/405ed7a3/0/vadere/vadere/Tools/VadereAnalysisTool (0.0.4)

ReturnCode: 0
$ python3 Tools/ContinuousIntegration/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "Tools/ContinuousIntegration/", line 7, in <module>
from vadere_analysis_tool import SameSeedTrajectory
ImportError: cannot import name 'SameSeedTrajectory'
ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1
run_origin_test Deploy
    [184, 199, 0.4998560454118497]
Warning: Found 1 pedestrians with maximal diff between 1e-07 and 0.0001.
First occurrence of warning for pedestrian at
[pedestrianId, timeStep, diff]
[27, 104, 4.908117290369773e-07]
Max diff Stats | mean: 4.847595658115423 std: 5.652271846978834, median: 2.021940521991791, min: 2.3650912339689967e-09, max: 19.712895464954947
Start position Stats| mean: 0.5658168927826239 std: 1.0904814410364652, median: 8.928289219056751e-10, min: 9.094947017729282e-13, max: 6.271397566313844
ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1