Commit 9a3db0ba authored by Benedikt Kleinmeier's avatar Benedikt Kleinmeier

Fixed typos in TODOs of "VadereConfig".

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......@@ -29,9 +29,9 @@ public class VadereConfig {
// Static Variables
private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(VadereConfig.class);
// TODO: Provide following functionality:
// - Use OS-secific location to store config file. Prefer home directory or "%AppData%" in Windows or "~/.config" in Linux respectively.
// - Use OS-specific location to store config file (home directory preferred).
// - Write default config file if no config file exists or errors occur while reading existing config file.
// - Add flag "--config-file <path/to/file> to all(!) Vadere applications.
// - Add flag --config-file <path/to/file> to all(!) Vadere applications (i.e., GUI, Console, PostVis, ...).
private static final String PATH_TO_CONFIG = "./vadere.conf";
private static final VadereConfig SINGLETON_INSTANCE = new VadereConfig(PATH_TO_CONFIG);
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