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    OpenGL core context, various fixes · c9440d71
    Jakob Weiss authored
    * OpenGL core context is instantiated and enforced, for better forward compat
    * Fixed DLL deployment to RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel configurations
    * Bumped GLEW to 2.0.0
    * Fixed wrong shading in various raycasters (normal was wrong sign)
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit 21b33709371459552aff972124e9da4ae0077cf4
    Author: Jakob Weiss <jakob.weiss@tum.de>
    Date:   Mon Feb 6 15:21:12 2017 +0100
        Fixed number of texture unit query
    commit 6592f366c7f24822a8681401cf5a415a622e5f6e
    Author: Jakob Weiss <jakob.weiss@tum.de>
    Date:   Mon Feb 6 14:27:36 2017 +0100
        Fixed core profile requirements
        * now using Framebuffer ARB version instead of EXT
        * fixed extension handling and windows version recognition
        * Removed pixel transfer functions usage and some validity checks for vis pipelines
    commit 36c82733434e63309d092bf85f78f471b56bebfb
    Author: Jakob Weiss <jakob.weiss@tum.de>
    Date:   Mon Feb 6 13:50:08 2017 +0100
        Bumped glew to 2.0.0
    commit 4a4a1d51756aad0e19aef9e723e1dfe7d07a797d
    Author: Jakob Weiss <jakob.weiss@tum.de>
    Date:   Fri Feb 3 16:26:07 2017 +0100
        First Progress - WIP
    # Conflicts:
    #	ext/cgt/texturemanager.cpp