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    Artur Grunau authored
    CAMPVis used a custom option, CAMPVIS_SHARED_LIBS, to determine whether
    shared or static libraries should be built. This option partially
    duplicated the functionality of one of CMake's standard flags,
    BUILD_SHARED_LIBS. The two could get out of sync, and because CMake only
    consults BUILD_SHARED_LIBS when deciding how to build a library target,
    it was possible to get inconsistent and broken build configurations.
    To prevent that, add BUILD_SHARED_LIBS as an option to CAMPVis' main
    CMakeLists and replace all references to CAMPVIS_SHARED_LIBS with
    BUILD_SHARED_LIBS. This makes BUILD_SHARED_LIBS the only flag that
    controls whether shared or static libraries are built.
    References #367
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