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    Add support for automatic registration of Lua pipelines · c2348225
    Artur Grunau authored
    As there's currently only one Lua pipeline, we could so far get away
    with storing it in the `scripting` directory, giving it a generic name
    and registering it manually. However, this approach won't work anymore
    once additional Lua pipelines start to be implemented.
    To support multiple Lua pipelines, implement a registration mechanism
    for scripted pipelines based on PipelineFactory and similar to
    PipelineRegistrar. It scans each active module's `pipelines` directory
    for Lua pipelines, parses them and generates a registration header that,
    when included, registers them with PipelineFactory.
    As a result of the above, the test Lua pipeline had to be moved to
    `modules/preprocessing/pipelines/` and could be renamed
    References #1