Draft: Implemeted Object, Goals Pick,Place, TaskBoard; Changes to Task, Solution, Module, Contraints, TrajectoryPlanner

Dominik Garstenauer requested to merge thesis-dominik into main

Object class based on CoBRA doc Goals Pick, Place TaskBoard: TaskBoard_NIST_1 and TaskBoard_NIST_1 (has func to execute benchmark, or individual tasks) TrajectoryPlanner: originally from /tutorials - adapted to also solve goals pick,place (i cannot import it from /tutorials right?) Contstaints has func to partition constraints into global,local Task now accepts objects, changes made to from/to_json Solution:

  • check_valid now checks constraints divided by local and global, and executes goal.achieved - triggering pick,place
  • visualize now visualizes each goal individually until goal_time (changes to trajectory calc) ModuleAssembly has func to attach/detach module Changes to geometric_primitves_robot: eef TCP now at outer edge Added cleaned NIST artifacts to tests/data/sample_tasks/assets

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