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    json v0.4: add fixedSeed and simulationSeed to AttributesSimulation · 82ba9393
    Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
    * add new seed handling: By default new scenario files will be created
      with a random seed, which is written in the attribute fixedSeed.
      If the Boolean switch useFixedSeed  is set, this defined seed will
      be used within one simulation. At the start of each simulation this
      seed, or if useFixedSeed is false a newly generated one, will be used
      and persisted in the attribute simulationSeed. All generated data
      of this simulation will be written to the defined output directory
      with a copy of the current scenario file. All data generated in this
      simulation run can be reproduced with specified simulationSeed.
    * new features for VaderConsole(migrate): The migrate subcommand will
      now accept a list of files or Directories (or a mix of them) to
      perform a migration or a revert. If a path is specified the
      default behavior will only migrate the selected directory without
      traversing to the directory tree. If the --recursive or -r flag is
      set, the hole sub tree of all given directories will be converted.
      Directories or directory trees will be ignored if the directory
      contains one of the following marker files:
    * remove hard coded sc  enario files encoded as strings to allow
      testResource migration with the VadereConsole
    * ignore scenario.legacy files within testResources
    * add test for MigrationAssistant v0.3 to v0.4