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Same Target change behavior for all pedestrians in a group

Mayr, Christina Maria requested to merge OSMGroupAdaption into master


Currently, targets are assigned to agents individually (sources, target changers). This can lead to a splitting of the group, e.g.:

  • If some group-members step on a target changer and some others do not.
  • If the target changer algorithm provides different targets for each group member.

In the worst case, agents even get stuck. Please find issue #309 (closed).


If a pedestrian is in a group, the target should be changed group-wise.


Adjust the setTargets method in Pedestrian.class. Add all group members to processedAgents in the TargetChangerController.class.


Adjusting the TargetChangerController.class only, is not suitable, because the target can also be changed using TraCI. Therefore, it must be directly changed in Pedestrian.class.

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