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[POST-VIS] Allow recording of videos from the command line

Mayr, Christina Maria requested to merge video_recording into master


Scenarios were recorded manually by using the recording functionality of Vadere's PostVisualization. For this the user needs to start the PostVisualization and manually trigger and stop the recording. If videos of several scenarios are needed the manual recording can become extensive.


The user should be able to generate videos automatically.


I automated the recording process.

How to use the feature

To generate videos, the user can either start to generate a video for a single scenario or a python script to generate multiple videos at once. For a detailed description, see the Vadere wiki.


  • I refactored PostvisualizationWindow (-> now PostvisualizationWindowInteractive).
  • I added a new stage to the CI pipeline which generated videos from specified scenario files. Please see again the Vadere wiki for more information.

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