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Dev/granular post vis

Zoennchen, Benedikt requested to merge dev/granularPostVis into master


  • This branch fixes a Bug for the PNG and Video-Making. Before choosing non default image sizes causes wrong results. Now the picture and video should display what the user is currently seeing in the PostVis.

  • The PostVis-Model, and the Player is now working with simulation time in seconds instead of time steps. Positions will be interpolated e.g. if an agent is at position x1 at step 1 and x2 at step 2 and the step length is 0.4s the position at time 0.2s will be x1 + (x2-x1) / 2. The user can now jump to a specific simulation time. Reducing incrementation time makes lets the Player displays the simulation more smoothly. Making a video will adopt this too.

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