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Resolve "New flag to compute metric for the quality of the StepCircleOptimizer"

Closes #241 (closed) Closes #256 (closed)


  • use new scenarios and measure optimal/found solution
  • write test processor
    • compute max/min/mean/stddev between optimal and found solution
    • write tests that check for certain values
  • Change the footstep processor to the new EventtimePedestrianIdKey, this makes reading data a lot easier (no variable column size for each row).
  • There needs to be a configuration to turn this feature on (IMPORTANT: for testing, the feature is set to true hard coded!!)
  • Integrate TestProcessor which checks that all pedestrians get to the source. -> Not possible, processors are buggy #249
  • First solve #256 (closed), otherwise the vadere.conf files break without manual adaptation on local computer

Wait for #242 (closed) and #243 (closed) to be solved.

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